As a broker in Almere we experience more and more demand for houses in Almere from expats. International customers turn to us for help on their way of finding a house in Almere. A smart decision, because property prices in Almere are much better than in Amsterdam. In Almere you will definitely get the most property for your money. And because mortgage rates are still very low, buying a house in Almere is a good alternative for renting a house.

House hunters are always pleasantly surprised by Almere when they go to explore the Almere area. Look around the city and you’ll see that Almere has a dream home for everyone. A wide range of housing types are spread throughout the five city districts. Whether you’re looking for a starter home, a duplex, detached villa or an apartment, every property type is available in Almere. Eigen Huis Makelaar Almere: expat broker Almere